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Viewing topic "Logic Pro 8:  Program Changes with Motif XS6"

Posted on: March 23, 2009 @ 11:58 AM
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I am working on a sequence with Logic and my Motif XS6.  I have set up logic to work with an external MIDI instrument (My XS6).  I am able to record the MIDI data in Logic and play it back using the Motif XS as my sound generator.

The way I set up the patches is I go into an empty pattern on my Motif XS, and assign a part (patch) to each track I am going to use.  Then I store the pattern so I can call it up later.  Since a number of the performances are really cool on the Motif XS, sometimes I will copy the parts from the performance into a pattern then store it.

Next step for me is I go over to Logic 8 and start recording the various MIDI tracks.

Here is where the problem is.  When I start using Logic, it ends up changing the sounds I had set in my empty pattern in the Motif XS to something totally different.  It is also worth noting that when I look at the various segment tracks in Logic
it shows funny program numbers (like 00-72, or 95 etc).  I don’t want it to change what I set up in the Motif XS.  Through trial and error I finally ended up going into “Utility” on the XS and turned program changes off.  The problem has gone away.  I still though have these weird progam numbers listed in Logic.

Is there more I can do or another way of handling this?

Bill :)

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Posted on: March 23, 2009 @ 09:22 PM
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I do not work in pattern mode but, it depends on how you are recording. Are you changing voices in the pattern or did you program changes into the pattern? It’s also possible that as the patterns change they are transmitting program change. Anyway, Once the MIDI is in Logic, You don’t necessarily need those program change messages so, delete them from the regions…

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