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Viewing topic "Newbie setup for autosync"

Posted on: February 05, 2009 @ 10:43 PM
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Hey there, hope things are well. I just recieved my motif xs rack. Incredible tone machine!! ( cubase 4, emu 1212m, PC) I have one newbie concern. When I first setup xs within cubase using the editor I intially setup autosyc using ‘an example of the motif rack xs editor in use’diagram from the editor manual which is on page 6. I then pressed start to execute this, it took awhile. I then looked at page 6 again and noticed the cautions underneath saying that data transfer could erase data from my XS. I am worried I have wiped some data from my XS or is it only if I go into the data sync window that this would happen. Also I have a number of voices that don’t have all 5 arpeggio presets, I know I can set them myself and that they are spectacular but is the machine meant to have 5 preset arpeggios for each voice or only some. Hope to hear from you, I am already writing two new songs 100% inspired by the XS, I have even put down the fender to lay some guitar trax with my midi keyboard! ( sacrilege!)THANKS!

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Posted on: February 06, 2009 @ 03:08 AM
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Re: Newbie setup for autosync

Quote; ‘I have even put down the fender to lay some guitar trax with my midi keyboard! ( sacrilege!)’

Haha, Yes a major moral dilemma, also my fender, and a number of others sit on stands waiting their turn of the limelight. A mere woman would display insanely unreasonable psychotic jealousy, at best!

But, see it also as a good thing for guitar IDEAS while building the track, interesting rifs/concepts can be got on keys, then taken to the real strings… why again?… dunno, lol. There are also good string nuances in XS...a friend guitarist couldn’t say a bad thing either… unless you use the trem bar in a personal expressive emotion, among other string/plectrum technique for FX.

Autosync… OK, from what i understand, in a virgin default state, the Editor Mirrors the XS settings and preset data, or vice versa, depends which way you sync. Unless we load an Editor Saved .X1E file, then Sync from Editor, or change/stored at XS then Sync from XS, as in my queries below…

Also… If someone else would like to confirm this… while Editor is in online mode, any changes here will be reflected to XS, and in an editor buffer zone, Until we actually Store our Voice, Multi, Drum (try User Banks) and Global changes, as in page 48 (Editor Manual), they are now stored in XS.

I am also trying to get my head around some of this...our Saves, (as opposed to Stored) our Saves… are reflected in the Editor V, M, G, F indicators, page 26 & 29.... When any of these sections are edited, they light up, till we Save OR Store them...Any saved is to an .X1E file
... what i am UNSURE… when we ONLY SAVE to an .X1E file, the indicators revert dark… With this action of Save file… has Save action - also Stored to XS, while Online?

As for the preset Arpeggios, not sure if any would be changed, unless we have edited them, then Store or Save. but i understand we can audition and apply other arpeggios to any Voice.

UPDATE: Quote by one in forum, Spongebob…
Changes made to the voices can be saved on the Rack itself if they are saved to one of the three USER banks. The factory preset voice banks cannot be over-written.

Yeah an awsum machine, great to have hardware FX, Reverb for one it very good.

Help here Please...Also, i have doubling of each voice in Standalone, something i did and can’t seem to revert? Anyone got out of that prob? It’s Ok in Cubase.


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Posted on: February 06, 2009 @ 09:49 AM
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Re: Newbie setup for autosync

Ok, I’ve only had mine for a day, but here’s how I see it.

I had mine set to sync PC -> XS.  This is ok at first. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif alt=

I then downloaded the ES patches and imported about 30 of them into USR2 locations.  I did a save on the XS editor.  I had closed everything out and reopened later.  I did a sync and all my ES voice were gone and I was back to factory.

I then opened my saved file and sync’d again and all was well.

I have decided to go the other direction PC <- XS on the sync, because I usually don’t take the laptop to practice, etc and I might make and adjustment on the Reverb etc or some basic editing to the rack itself.  When I come home, I want that all sync’d back up with my editor....

All the USR voices from the factory are repeats of PRE’s anyway so I wasn’t too woried about overwriting those in the first place. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif alt=

Hope this helps…

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Posted on: February 06, 2009 @ 11:02 AM
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Re: Newbie setup for autosync

Maybe this will help.

The Editor has a three-way status indicator.
OFFLINE (no blue dot) - you are not connected and you need to fix this. This is NEVER GOOD
OFFLINE (w/blue dot) - you are temporarily not sync’d (useful when you want to check something from the hardware front panel and not have the software follow you there). As we’ll see below, you can still synchronize your software and hardware while this is your status…
ONLINE (w/blue dot) - any changes in the software changes hardware, and vice versa, any changes to hardware will change software. Changing one changes both.

When you are *OFFLINE w/blue dot*, you can still use the BULK option on the menu bar

Click BULK > DATA SYNC… Now you can select to “Transmit” selected data from the PC to the Rack XS or you can “Receive” data to the PC from the Rack XS. And of course, you can select which data that is.

The “BULK > DATA SYNC” function never surprises you by OVERWRITING something and is a highly useful tool to have at your fingertips.

The SETUP screen AUTO SYNC function can be scary - and you will have it set the wrong way at least once - in spite of all the warnings in the manual about this parameter.

But let me give you some advice or some tips on which way to set this and when:

You will want to have it set so the the PC > Motif-Rack XS when you are working with the EDITOR in conjunction with a computer sequencer.... Here’s an example of how this is useful: You have finished working for the day, and you are ready to save and shut down.
This is when you want to set the direction: PC > Motif-Rack XS

Because when you SAVE your file with this as the setup direction, when next you open the project it is ready to RECALL and RESTORE the data from the PC to your Motif-Rack XS. Exactly what you want.

Personally, after overwriting my data a few times (when I first encountered the Editor) I finally sat down and read the Manual again. And realized what was going on… when you are aware that going OFFLINE temporarily is often a desirable thing, and when you are aware that coming back ONLINE can cause some work to get overwritten (if you are not careful)… this is when I discovered the BULK > DATA SYNC function and why it quickly became a tool I use all the time.

It became my best friend. Because anytime I want to SYNC the PC with what was in the hardware or vice versa, I would go here. Not to SETUP.

If I used the “BULK > DATA SYNC” regularly, then it did not matter about the SETUP setting. Say I took the time and setup an entire MULTI in the hardware, and in attempting to get ONLINE I sent Full Concert Grand to all 16 PARTS… That’s the issue.... and what you want to avoid

To avoid this… after I’ve select Voices for the entire MULTI, if I go to BULK > DATA SYNC and then select RECEIVE, the Editor grabs my work… doesn’t matter if I’m ONLINE yet or OFFLINE (w/dot), I can grab the work… now when I click “ONLINE” the “PC > Motif-Rack XS” setting simply sends the correct mix data back again. It already has the correct data!

I have not overwritten any work since. It took a minute to understand why the “BULK > DATA SYNC” function was there, but this is the reason.

Use it, and you will find that it quickly become the preferred way to SYNC your data - be it one direction or the other.

I leave the SETUP so that when I store, it is ready to RECALL and RESTORE my data.

Hope that helps.

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