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Viewing topic "Nord C1 vrs Electro 2"

Posted on: February 03, 2009 @ 07:35 AM
Total Posts:  497
Joined  05-14-2003
status: Enthusiast

Hi guys,

I’m looking to upgrade from my Voce V5 w/ RT20 pedal (controlled by an SY77) to an Electro 2, or VK8, or CX-3.

I’ve heard great things about the C1’s sound, feel, and leslie sim. I know NO sim is going to sound as good as a real leslie. My real question is, do any of you guys happen to know if the sound, feel (keybed) and leslie sim on the Electro 2 is the same as used in the C1.

I have a Kurz Pc1se which comes with the Classic Keys rom and has a great selection of EPs (plus I have an ES6 as well) so the EPs and clavinets in the Electro 2 are not important to me.

I am just looking for a stand-alone clonewheel and if the Electro 2 is the same as the C1 but with just 1 manual (same, sound and feel), it will be in the running with the CX3 and VK8.

Bob <><

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