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Viewing topic "Another polyphony problem"

Posted on: January 21, 2009 @ 12:48 PM
chris domres
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I have read the long posts explaining the use of elements with the voices that can limit polyphony. But my experience makes me still believe there is a major flaw in the XS design. Using the “Brush drumset” I created a four measure pattern which had no more than two notes played on any one beat. The I added two ride cymbals on the 16th notes. This sounded ok. The third track was a “Fretless bass” which uses two elements per mono note. During the recording of the bass line, the bass notes were being clipped! I exchanged the unit and the new one is doing the same. Elijah Bradford, the tech at Yamaha experiences drop out also but thinks it is related to the number of elements used. I sent him the sequence with Vintage Rhodes and Lyricon voices added. He changed the drumset and the voice clipping stopped. The element information for the drums is not listed. I find it hard to believe the brush drum set and a bass voice used all 128 elements! The midi file is attached if anyone wants to confirm my experience. Seems to me I may return this unit and find something else to use.

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