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Posted on: January 22, 2009 @ 02:40 PM
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Re: Cubase AI4 Download

Ok.... I have read, re-read, taken a break, come back again and again reading your post Bad_Mister.....I guess I am confused cause the whole point of me getting the M-Audio Firewire 410 was to use it so I could do audio and midi recordings with my computer with Cubase SX. (now AI4)

I can hook up MLan to my M-Audio but not to my computer from my Motif XS 8.

I can hook up USB to my Computer but not to my M-Audio Firewire 410.

The reason for buying the M-Audio was it was to be far superior to what is in my computer....sound card would be.

So if your saying I have to connect my XS8 via Firewire to my computer .... what do I have to buy in order to do that.

Also visited Music Store # 2 (Steve’s Music) asking if anyone could come to my place to help hook up my XS8 to my computer.....they said and I Quote “Yamaha pushing the MLan is like flogging a dead horse” so I am waiting now for someone from the store to come to my place to help me out ... they were supposed to call me this call or no show yet will keep you posted.  I will drop into Music Store # 3 (Rob’s Music) tomorrow to see if they have anyone who can help me. I see an opportunity for a Mobile Music Technician here for music stores.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 @ 03:10 PM
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Re: Cubase AI4 Download

Goodi, I just read through this thread, and it seems to me that there are some very confusing bits of information in your posts. First to connect any synth or sound module to your computer you have two things to and MIDI. Your Firewire 410 does why are you also trying to use mLAN and USB?? Or vice versa, if you want to connect via mLAN (or USB for MIDI) why are you trying to use the Firewire 410? Sounds as if you are making this way more complicated than necessary....and yes some hands on help might be useful at this point.
If you have a look in your AI manual, you will see setup guides and information for getting started. Does any of that make sense to you? In any case, it appears we need to go back to square one. The simplest solution is to just interface with the Firewire 410 for now, and if you insist, later you could move away from it, and then switch to mLAN and USB if you choose................frank

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Posted on: January 23, 2009 @ 05:54 AM
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Re: Cubase AI4 Download

I think the question that you need to answer is - what are you trying to achieve?

If all you want to do is some midi sequencing which you later turn into audio files for burning to CD then all you need is the XS8 linked to your computer via firewire cable and utilising the Mlan protocol.

If you occasionally want to add some other audio stuff, you could still stick with this using the audio inputs on the XS and routing them to Cubase via mlan.

However, this latter pathway is likely to prove unsatisfactory if you are using Vocal mics or doing a lot of recording of other analogue sources - guitars, bass, old synths etc. In which case you need to find a way of having both your XS and your Firewire 410 ready to rock.

A couple of ideas suggest themselves:
1 Expand the number of firewire ports on your computer, using a simple add on firewire card - fitting this to a desktop should be straightforward. Fitting it to a laptop may be done using the PCMCIA port (assuming it has one)

2 Use the USB connectivity of the XS to free up your firewire port and plug the audio outs of the XS to the inputs on the 410. I utilise a scenario not dissimilar to this for most of my project work. If you have plenty of inputs on teh 410, this shoudl not be an issue for the most part. On my MBox, I only have 2 inputs and this means I have to plan a little more carefully since to add audio I have to disconnect my Motif - thus I wouldn’t be able to hear any midi based sounds.

3 Perhaps sell the 410 and go for a USB 2.0 equivalent which would free the firewire port for use with the XS. The MBox2 that I use returns a more than acceptable sound quality over USB 2.0 . . .and there are plenty of similar devices out there.

Hope these thoughts help, but my opening question is the key to you finding the right answer for you.


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