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Viewing topic "Weird situations in 16g’s effect box"

Posted on: November 14, 2008 @ 11:55 PM
Total Posts:  111
Joined  05-27-2004
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In a mixdown recording, i tried to change the amount of the effect send of a channel; then it started:
All tracks (previously recorded vocal parts) which is set for the effects 1&2 is gone! The machine started to play some other tracks in a noisy unsynchronized chaos on those tracks! Only one of those vocal tracks remained safe, interestingly. Then, i completely erased the signals from those damaged tracks, but look what happens now:
If i set that safely remained vocal track to an effect, i hear that bizarre thing: Effected signal of the track is not that track’s original signals; what i hear is one of those erased signals which i erased before from other vocal tracks!

So; what should i do?
Then is it possible to get back the tracks which i erased before? I think it’s not.
Then should i cancel this song project and start it again on a blank page?

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