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Viewing topic "motif xs8 mLan question"

Posted on: August 23, 2008 @ 04:40 AM
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Joined  08-23-2008
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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the motif xs8 mLan.

I currently have a RME FF400, macpro intel 2.66 , logic pro 8. I use this combination only for monitoring logic through my mackie’s HR824’s. I do not do any recording at all. I strictly only work within my mac and the FF was just what I needed to to monitor my work within logic. Now , my question is, since I just picked up a yamaha motif xs8, i see that the included mLan option can allow me to do the same as if I used my ff. If that is true, Do I really need my FF ? I personally thought the FF was little bit of an over kill but , at the time,I really had no other way(maybe I did but didn’t know) what to get to monitor through my mackies. So again, With this available feature in the motif, can I just get rid of the RME and work with the motif mLan in the same way?

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Posted on: August 25, 2008 @ 05:37 AM
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Re: motif xs8 mLan question

Not at all familiar with the RME FF400 but, as a stand alone unit, it of course has flexibility that you cannot obtain with the MLAN alone.

For instance, How important are the XLR inputs to you? And, what work around will you have to record vocals? The MLAN will allow you to record16 mono channels (or, 8 stereo) of audio simultaneously but, what about recording instruments other than the XS8? And, how many would you like to be able to record in a single pass?

Do you need the added flexibility of the 8 physical outputs on the RME? Using the MLAN alone may or may not be a total solution for you.

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