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Viewing topic "G’Day Mate from Red"

Posted on: March 05, 2003 @ 11:32 PM
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Joined  03-05-2003
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G’day. My names Red, well it’s not really but it’ll do for now. I’m an ol’ fart, not far from the big six-oh and decided to take up the keys this year, sort of a new years gift to yours truly from the bank manager. I’ve gotta pay it back but them’s the breaks. I had a look at one of them PSR mickey mouse things but didn’t go much on the feel of it, the Casio was worse, then I heard about the S08. Good stuff, but a look around the net brought the S90 into view. AHA!! Sounds about right. The local shop, Mooloolaba Music, why not give ‘em a plug, did a good deal, even threw in a Latin Percussion plug-in as a sweetner. Well, I can nearly play my first piece of music, so it’s only got six notes and it’s a bit slow, but I’ll get there. The Mozart piece is beginning to sound good on the S700, well, the first bar is, and All Blues is up to eight bars, both hands, so I guess I’m not doing too bad.
Thought I’d just say hello from the Sunshine Coast, although over the last three weeks with all this rain we haven’t lived up to the name!


PS, Yammie, please do something about the intruction book, it’s woeful! SQ01 keeps crashing too. If they were both as good as the keyboard, I’d think I was in heaven! And why couldn’t the USB link be configured for ALL data transfer, not just midi?

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Posted on: September 21, 2005 @ 01:23 PM
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Joined  09-21-2005
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Re: G’Day Mate from Red

good on ya Red, what a champion.  I just got my S90 recently and once I had figured out what a Midi channel was I was half way there, the Manuals assume that Midi is common knowledge, well I tell you it’s new to me.  Finally got this sq01 up and running so am keen now to put in some drum tracks, you made a good choice over the PSR and the likes.  For the price it’s the best thing.

good on you and have fun.

cheers AJ

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Posted on: September 21, 2005 @ 10:57 PM
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Joined  01-26-2003
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Re: G’Day Mate from Red

Welcome to the Motif Oz family (I’m reading your post on the Motif forum which is shared with the S90 among others).

Sorry I can’t sympathise about the rain - I’ll take rain over frost any day!

- Wayne (Albury, NSW)

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