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Welcome to the support section.

Working with and Understanding Physical Controllers

This is a tutorial, originally written for the Motif (classic) will also apply to the Motif ES. It assumes you are making the button pushes as it advances. By following the example setup, you will gain an insight into how the controllers work and how they can be assigned to your advantage. All possibilities could never be covered in a short guide but this should get you on your way. After going through this article feel free to experiment with other assignments.

Get your Motif DATA LIST booklet and refer to the CONTROL LIST on page 39: VOICE CONTROL SET DESTINATIONS and “ASSIGN A/B DESTINATIONS”. You will also want to refer to the EFFECT PARAMETER LIST (pages 25-34).

If you have a Motif ES - the DATA LIST booklet CONTROL LIST is on page 42. And you will find the EFFECT PARAMETER LIST on pages 28~35.

Download a PDF of the tutorial article here: