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Welcome to the support section.

Tweak of the Week: XA CONTROL: KEY OFF SOUND

Exploring the Voices for some of the programming that lays just below the surface. Here we will look at the XA CONTROL function for KEY OFF SOUND; basically, an Element that only sounds when a key is released.

I miss the articulation when playing a real Clavinet, and I was hoping there was an easy way to add a “clunk” or “click” when releasing a key on the MOX Clavinet voices.

The WAVE ROM of the MOX includes critical KEY-OFF noise from all the vintage keyboards and is usually available as a controllable function in most of the Clavinet Voices.

One of the advantages of having an 8 Element architecture available for each Voice is to make such essential ‘noises’ available - but because they are an “acquired taste” usually the amount applied is left programmable - or if it is not on the particular Clavinet Voice you like you can learn how to apply it by studying a Voice where it is setup to function:

Recall the following VOICE: PRE 1: 075(E11) “Stereo Clavi”
Element 1 and 2 make the stereo Clavinet
Element 3 and 4 make the stereo Clav Key-Off noise

Turn the ASSIGN 2 KNOB to control the mix level of the KEY OFF NOISE. Turning the knob clockwise from 12 o’clock will increase the key-off noise, turning it counterclockwise will reduce the key off noise.

Press the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] button to select the row so you can access the ASSIGN KNOBS 1/2
Turn ASSIGN 2 to mix the amount of KEY OFF you get on releasing keys.

Study this VOICE to learn about how the Elements work to make the noise articulation. This is an essential function of the XA CONTROL (eXpanded Articulation Control) function - the KEY OFF articulation happens when you release the key. So, Element 1 and 2 when you press the key and Element 3 and 4 are set to be triggered when you release the key.

The mix of Element 3 and 4 is assigned to the ASSIGN 2 Knob.