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PLG150-DX: A Getting Started Guide

PLG150-DX Frequency Modulation Synthesis Plug-in Board: A Getting Started Guide
The PLG150-DX is a single part board. It has 912 preset voices and RAM for 64 user board voices. These 64 user board voices are created and/or loaded in with the computer software (DX Simulator) and exist in a volatile RAM bank on the board. Think of the PLG150-DX as a separate synthesizer - in this case a DX7. In fact, Voice data can be loaded from any Yamaha 6-operator DX/TX series product. The DX is the same FM or Frequency Modulation synthesis found in the classic synthesizer. When you place the PLG150-DX board in the mothership you can address it via ‘offsets’ from the front panel and/or in detail with the Voice Editor software. You can load in custom Voice sets, you can make variations from the preset data and with the software, you can create your own sounds from scratch. The PLG150-DX has its own 16-notes of polyphony.

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