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Welcome to the support section.

MOX: Side by Side Volumes for Performances

Use MASTER mode to address your PERFORMANCE data as SONG/PATTERN TEMPLATE… so that you have a Volume KNOB for each PART.
Lets use “Lake Side” USR1:079 as an example.

Press [SONG] and select a blank SONG location
Press [MIXING]
You can COPY the “Lake Side” Performance to this MIXING as a TEMPLATE (which assigns each PART to its own MIDI channel). By doing so we will be able to have a separate Knob for each PART’s Volume, here’s how:

Select the Performance Bank and Number you wish to use, for our example “USR1:079 Lake Side”
Target PARTs “1-4”
Press [ENTER] to execute.

This will place the Piano in PART 1/Ch1, and place the Pad in PART 2/Ch2
You can Name (recommended) and the store your Song setup.
Press [SONG]
Press [JOB]
Press [F6] SONG
Select “Song Name” > press ENTER and give the song a title
Press [ENTER]

Press [STORE] to STORE your MIXING setup Make note of the SONG number.

Press [MASTER]
Press [F2] MEMORY
Set it to MODE = SONG
Set the number to your SONG’s number
Press [F3] ZONE SW
Set the ZONE Switch = ON
The ZONE KNOB Assign will be set to ON (giving us a KNOB Volume for each PART).

Press [EDIT]
Press numbered button [1] to edit ZONE 1
Press [F1] TRANS
Set ZONE 1 to transmit to the INT TG = ON ("Piano" CH1)
Set ZONE 2 to transmit to the INT TG = ON ( “Pad” CH2)

You have now created a MASTER program to address your PERFORMANCE data so that you have a KNOB for the VOLUME of each. You can see this assignment by pressing [F5] KNOBS

Press [STORE]

Hope that gives you some idea of not only how you can accomplish your goal, but that the MOX is a very deep instrument. I recommend the Yamaha FC7, but working through MASTER mode to control complex setups is a dream. It is worth getting to know the various modes.

VOICE mode - where all fundamental programming takes place
PERFORMANCE mode - where you combine up to four Voices in the mode’s 4 PARTS
SONG/PATTERN mode - where you combine up to 16 Voices for Sequencer or for Live access, in the mode’s 16 PARTS (MIDI receive channels can be set per PART). The only mode that allows the MOX to receive simultaneously on multiple MIDI channels.
MASTER mode - where you can organize your programs into a single Bank, offers control of both internal and external devices via MIDI. The only mode that allows you to transmit on multiple MIDI channels simultaneously.

By combining the SONG mode’s ability to receive on multiple MIDI channels, and the MASTER mode’s ability to transmit via the keyboard on as many as four MIDI channels, simultaneously, we have created a situation where we have the individual controls per PART that you desire.