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Welcome to the support section.

MOX6/MOX8 Pattern mode Functions

MOX6/MOX8 REHEARSE, ERASE and other Cool Functions
There is a very useful REHEARSE mode on the MOX. Let’s setup to record a PATTERN…

• Press [PATTERN]
• Select a blank Pattern
• Select a drum kit you want to work with… Press [ENTER]
• Press the RECORD button to see the [F1] SETUP screen

On the Setup screen you can see the REC TRACK that is selected; you can select the RECORD TYPE (REPLACE or OVERDUB or STEP); you can set the LOOP function ON or OFF; additionally you can see that you can select to QUANTIZE (automatic timing correction) and so on.
Above [F5] CLICK you see a speaker icon indicating that the metronome is set to sound when you press the PLAY button [>].

When you actually begin recording the tabs available are [F2] VOICE and [F6] ERASE. The ARPEGGIO tab would be selected if you have assigned different arp phrases to the [SF1] – [SF6] buttons (we will do that later). You can select arpeggio phrases to play as you press these buttons – what we refer to as “painting the track” with arpeggios. The ERASE tab is there because as your Pattern cycles around if you want to remove a drum you can hold [F6] ERASE + the offending KEY to remove its data from the phrase. This is a real time erase feature.

While you are recording, you can temporarily drop out of record mode without stopping. This allows you to rehearse what you are going to play. It also allows you to find a drum key. It sometimes is difficult, at first, to remember the location of each sound.

The REHEARSE function is very useful. To activate it simply press the [RECORD] button again – it will begin to flash, indicating you are temporarily out of record mode. No new data will be written to the track. You are free to play the keys without adding new data to your cycling pattern.