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Welcome to the support section.

Motif XS Editor: Auditioning Voices from Files…

Motif XS Editor: Auditioning Voices from Files…

· Go to FILE > SETUP
· Set your setup page so that the “CURRENT” is ON and is pointing in the “PC > to > Motif XS” direction.
· Set “AUTO START” is ON.
· Shut OFF both the “GLOBAL” and “USER VOICE” for this particular function.


With this setting when you select a Voice to Edit (described below) and you bring the Editor ONLINE it will be sent to the Motif XS Edit Buffer for auditioning.

· Place the EDITOR in [VOICE] mode. If you are ONLINE when you select VOICE mode the Motif XS also will go to VOICE mode. This is where you want to be in order to audition VOICE libraries.
· Take the EDITOR temporarily OFFLINE by clicking the word “ONLINE” on the status bar
· Click on the open folder icon in the IMPORT screen and navigate to your file.
· Open the Voice Library you want to audition. You can open (*.X0E), (*.X0V), (*.X0A) files for the Motif XS. You can additionally open (*.X1E) Motif Rack XS Editor files, (*.W7E) Motif ES Editor files, (*.W9E) Motif Rack ES Editor files, (*.M2E) and (*.M4E) Motif ES and MO6/8 Multi-Part Editor files, or (*.M3E) Motif Rack ES Multi-Part Editor files and Import the Voice library data.

Click the “BANK” option on the IMPORT screen (shown below) so you can view the Voices by BANK (instead of CATEGORY).


For example, say the Voices you want to audition are in bank “Normal User 3” of the file you select.

Set the left side (FILE side) of the IMPORT window so that “Normal USER 3” is highlighted.

On the right side (Motif XS Edit Buffer) click on the target:
“Normal USER 1”

Click “IMPORT”

With the Editor “OFFLINE”, this action will load the 128 sounds in Normal USER 3 to the Editor so you can access them without loading them to the internal Motif XS.

Return to the main Editor screen.

To select a Voice to audition, click on the currently selected VOICE NAME.

The VOICE LIBRARY window will slide into view. Set the right side so you are viewing the Voice Library by BANK.

Open the “Normal User 1” folder to see a list of the names in the Library you are now going to audition.

To audition a selection: Highlight its name and then click ONLINE … (by bringing the editor from OFFLINE and then returning it ONLINE, the “CURRENT” Voice will be bulked to the Edit Buffer).

This will send the currently selected VOICE to the EDIT BUFFER of the XS and allow you to audition it, play it, edit it and store it (if you like). If you leave without storing it will not overwrite your internal location.


Once the Editor ‘sends’ the data to the Edit Buffer you can close the Voice Library window by clicking OK or click the “X” in the upper left corner of the VOICE LIBRARY area.
Go to EDIT on the menu bar and select STORE VOICE or simply right click and select STORE VOICE.

A list of your current internal USER Banks will open. You can select a location and even rename the Voice, if you wish. When complete, click OK