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Welcome to the support section.

Motif XF: What’s New

The new content of the MOTIF XF compared to the MOTIF XS

1,307 new Waveforms
MOTIF XS: 2,670
MOTIF XF: 3,977

128 new Normal Voices
8 new Drum Kits
MOTIF XF: USER1 (New), USER2, USER3, USER4, User Drum (1-8: New)

128 new Performances

32 new Masters, based on the new Voices and Performances
MOTIF XS: 1-128
MOTIF XF: 1-32 (New), 33-128

1,248 new Arpeggio Types
MOTIF XS: 6,633
MOTIF XF: 7,881

The new Voices and Performances
The User Voice Bank 1 contains 128 new Voices, based on the new Waveforms and Arpeggios of the MOTIF XF. The Bank is arranged by sound categories. Both instrument and synth Voices can be found there.

To ensure full compatibility with the previous model MOTIF XS, the Preset voice banks 1-8 remain unchanged. Bank 1 is therefore the new Factory Bank of the MOTIF XF and should not be overwritten, since the new Performances (USER 1) are based mainly on the Voices of this Bank.

For your own Voices or optional Voice Libraries the User Voice Banks 2, 3, and 4 are available, these only contain copies of Preset Voices. In addition to the Normal Voices the MOTIF XF features eight new Drum Kits (USR 001-008), which are also based on the new Waveforms.

The 128 new Performances (USER 1) provide a significant increase in quality compared to the MOTIF XS, since they are based on the new Voices and Arpeggios.

A special highlight is the numerous synth Performances that feature a new programming technique. Here the Sub Function buttons (SF1 - SF5) not only change the Arpeggios for the Parts 1-4, but also change the sound. This is done by control events contained in the Arpeggios, which are toggling the Assignable Functions (AF1 & 2). Switching through SF1 - SF5 therefore activates other Elements in the Voices. This results in some spectacular and impressive sound changes.

The following Performances use this technique:
• Performance 005 Indian Xperience
• Performance 009 Lighthouse
• Performance 013 Inner Wind
• Performance 023 Electric Mystery
• Performance 025 Cool Madness
• Performance 034 Sweet Peaches
• Performance 050 Distorted Dreamz
• Performance 057 Drummers of Tokyo
• Performance 064 Cloudy Bay
• Performance 080 Eighties Dreams
• Performance 081 Just Relax
• Performance 093 Synthlines

Motif-series Comparitive Analysis

Wave ROM
Motif (classic): 84MB
Motif ES: 175MB
Motif XS: 355MB
Motif XF: 741MB

Motif (classic): 1,309
Motif ES: 1,859
Motif XS: 2,670
Motif XF: 3,977

Motif (classic): 64 notes
Motif ES: 128 notes
Motif XS: 128 notes
Motif XF: 128 notes

Preset Voices (banks)
Motif (classic): 384 (3)
Motif ES: 768 (6)
Motif XS: 1024 (8)
Motif XF: 1024 (8)

Preset Drum Kits
Motif (classic): 48
Motif ES: 64
Motif XS: 64
Motif XF: 64

User Voices (banks)
Motif (classic): 128 (1)
Motif ES: 256 (2)
Motif XS: 384 (3)
Motif XF: 512 (4)

User Drum Kits
Motif (classic): 16
Motif ES: 32
Motif XS: 32
Motif XF: 32

GM Normal + Drum
Motif (classic): 128 + 1
Motif ES: 128 + 1
Motif XS: 128 + 1
Motif XF: 128 + 1

Motif (classic): 128
Motif ES: 128
Motif XS: 384
Motif XF: 512

Elements per VOICE
Motif (classic): 4
Motif ES: 4
Motif XS: 8* XA Control (Expanded Articulation)
Motif XF: 8* XA Control (Expanded Articulation)

Preset Arpeggios
Motif (classic): 256
Motif ES: 1,787
Motif XS: 6,633* Four simultaneous arpeggiators
Motif XF: 7,781* Four simultaneous arpeggiators

User Arpeggios
Motif (classic): 128
Motif ES: 256
Motif XS: 256
Motif XF: 256

Master Control Zones
Motif (classic): 4
Motif ES: 4
Motif XS: 8
Motif XF: 8*
*new [PERFORMANCE CONTROL] function allows buttons [1]-[8] to activate/deactivate Internal Zones 1-8; while buttons [9]-[16] activate/deactivate External Zones 1-8

Motif (classic): 240x64 dot graphic
Motif ES: 240x64 dot graphic
Motif XS: 320x240 dot color
Motif XF: 320x240 dot color

On-board SampleRAM
Motif (classic): 4MB
Motif ES: none
Motif XS: none
Motif XF: 128MB

Sample Expansion
Motif (classic): maximum 64MB via SIMMs
Motif ES: maximum 512MB via DIMMs
Motif XS: maximum 1GB via DIMMs
Motif XF: maximum 2GB non-volatile Flash boards

Simultaneous Insertion FX Parts
Motif (classic): 1
Motif ES: 8
Motif XS: 8* VCM - Virtual Circuitry Modeling effects
Motif XF: 8* VCM - Virtual Circuitry Modeling effects

New functions of the MOTIF XF

Wireless Network MIDI function
The MOTIF XF offers wireless MIDI connectivity with Yamaha’s new iPad applications*.
After connecting a compatible Wireless USB LAN Adapter, you can send and receive MIDI messages between the XF and the iPad.
*There are 4 new Yamaha iPad applications which expand the features of MOTIF XF including Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad, Faders & XY Pad, Multi Editor Essential and Voice Editor Essential (as of April, 2011).

Wireless Network Audio Recording/Playback function
The Motif XF offers wireless audio recording with the addition of a WiFi USB-LAN adaptor device to an iPAD or iPHONE with WiFi capability and the “Cloud Audio Recorder for XF” app. Not only does the app allow realtime wireless audio recording/playback but allows you to upload your XF compositions to SoundCloud. When the iPad or iPhone is networked with the XF you can playback your music, wirelessly, through the Motif XF. When not networked with the XF, the files play via the sound engine of the iPad/iPhone - so you can take your music with you everywhere. Let your friends here what you are working on.

Wireless Network File Sharing function
The MOTIF XF can now be connected to a network without an Ethernet cable. You can save/load the files and record/playback audio between the instrument and a computer drive connected to the same network. The Motif XF also can connect to the INTERNET via a special Yamaha server

Support for Steinberg CMC series Controllers
The Motif XF can be connected to the Steinberg CMC-PD (Pads) or CMC-FD (Faders), letting you record rhythm patterns to the Motif XF by playing the CMC-PD or edit the Mixing parameters from the CMC-FD.

Category Search
The Category Search window has been optimized. The lists “Main”, “Sub” and “Voice List” can now be toggled with the Sub Function buttons SF1, SF2, and SF3. Expanded SEARCH for Waveforms and Arpeggios (arp Search shown below) - with option to set FAVORITES.


Tap Tempo
Manual synchronization of the tempo is possible. The speed with which the TAP button [F6] TAP is repeatedly pressed determines the tempo. The result of this manual tempo input can be read in the top right corner of the display. The TAP-function is available on the main display screen of each mode: VOICE, PERFORMANCE, SONG, PATTERN and MASTER.


Effect On/Off
The EFFECT BYPASS switches of the MOTIF XS were replaced by EFFECT ON/OFF switches on the MOTIF XF, which function in reverse. If the LEDs light up red, the effects are on. By this all EFFECT switches work in the same way, for the MASTER EFFECT switch already worked like this on the XS.

Assign 1 + Assign 2 Value
The knobs Assign 1 and Assign 2 can now be set separately for each Performance or Mixing Part as a parameter ([F1] Voice > [SF2] Output). At the MOTIF XS, these parameters were only globally available for all Parts in COMMON EDIT.


Special Factory set for the new MOTIF XF sounds
As on the MOTIF XS all user data are reset to the factory settings using the job [UTILITY] > [JOB] > Factory Set. On the MOTIF XF there is a new, additional variant of the Factory Set. If “ALL” is not checked only the following data is reset:
• The Voices of the User Voice Bank 1
• The Voices A01~ A08 of the User Drum Bank (UDR)

These are the Voice Banks, which include the new MOTIF XF content. This partial reset may be useful for example if you want to play the new Performances of the USER1 Bank, because they are based primarily on the User Voice Bank 1.

Fixed SD/BD for Drum-Arpeggios
This parameter is available only for Drum Voices and can be found in the EDIT mode ([F3] > ARP OTHER). If this parameter is turned on, “D1” is used as the note for the snare drum and “C1” as the note for the bass drum in the Arpeggio playback, even if another assignment is programmed in the Drum Arpeggio. So if you want to play multiple Drum Arpeggios with a certain Drum Kit, this parameter ensures that the same basic sounds for kick and snare are used. 


Arp Play only
The parameter “ARP Play Only” is available only in Performance and Mixing Parts ([F1] VOICE > [SF1] VOICE - top right of the display). If the parameter is set to ON, the relevant Part only plays back the MIDI note events from the Arpeggio playback. This is especially useful for Drum Arpeggios in Performances. If the Arpeggiator is off, usually single drum sounds are played when you play on the keyboard. Which is usually not desirable when you want to play the instrument Parts without Arpeggiator. If “ARP Play Only” is set to ON in the drum Part, it won‘t produce any sound when the Arpeggiator is off.


Drum Voice Edit in the Mixing mode
On the MOTIF XS it was not possible to edit Drum Voices from within the Mixing mode [SF6] Vce Edit (shown below). On the MOTIF XF this is now possible. The edited Drum Kits can be saved as a User Drum Voices.


Integrated Sampling created Voice Conversion
On the Motif XS it was not possible to quickly convert a Sample recorded to the Integrated Sampling Sequencer to a MIX VOICE. You had to exit the SONG or PATTERN and construct the VOICE manually, then insert it into your MIXING setup. The Motif XF incorporates a new “VCE CONV” (Voice Convert) function to the MIXING screen that allows you to build a MIX VOICE directly from the XF Mixer without having to exit the SONG or PATTERN you are working on. This means it is now quick and easy to apply Insertion Effects, assign controllers, apply LFO, Pitch/Filter/Amplitude EGs, EQ, etc., etc. You can bring the full power of a normal Motif XF Voice to your sample track, immediately.

LOAD Multiple Wav/AIFF
New option in [FILE] area, allows you to load multiple WAV or AIFF files from a single folder to the keys chromatically starting on a specific KEY. They will be loaded to different KEYBANKS of the same WAVEFORM

New Release Adjustment parameter (AEG Time Key Follow Sensitivity Release Adjustment)
Determines the sensitivity of the EG Time Key Follow Sensitivity to EG Release. Setting this parameter to “+63” will set the EG Time Key Follow Sensitivity to the value of Decay 1 or Decay 2. The lower the value, the lower the sensitivity. Setting this parameter to “-64” will produce no effect in the EG Time Key Follow Sensitivity.

The MOTIF XF Reference Manual (in PDF format) is equipped with special features that are exclusive to electronic files, such as the Link function and the Search function which lets you jump to the desired page by clicking the page number of the specific term.

Screen layout customization and Color Scheme preference