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Welcome to the support section.

Motif XF Auto Load

The Motif XF has an “Auto Load” feature which can be used to automatically restore, for example, any user samples that you have in the sampler section. As you know, user samples are housed in SDRAM - this is a volatile type Memory - this means when you power down the memory is lost. RAM memory has the advantage of being easily user customizable but has the tradeoff of being volatile memory. RAM is the same on your computer.

Much like you cannot keep the picture you have as your computer Desktop and the AntiVirus program you have running protecting your computer, your samples disappear when you power down. But fortunately just like your computer’s Desktop and just like your AntiVirus program, you can have it restored when you power up your unit.

Your computer goes and ‘gets’ your Desktop picture, and it loads your antivirus program each time you power up - and it does it automatically. You can setup the same kind of automatic “startup” routine for your Motif XF and your custom samples. Once you have your data loaded into the Motif XF, save your data in an ALL data file (although you can auto load any type of file, since you have Voices and custom samples you might as well save them in an ALL data (*.X3A) File Type. You can then ‘teach’ the XF to find and load that data automatically on power up - so that when the keyboard is ready to play your samples will be there!

This process is called AUTO LOAD:

You can have the Motif XF automatically load your favorite data (including custom RAM samples) when you next power up* by doing the following:

Press [F1] GENERAL
Press [SF5] SELECT
Target the file by name “xxxxxxxxx.X3A”
Press [ENTER] to select
You will be returned to the AUTO LOAD screen
Set the parameter “AUTO LOAD” = ON
Press [STORE] to write this to Flash ROM. very important

Now the next time you power up the unit will load your data.

* note: The USB drive must be in place for the Motif XF to find the data