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Mastering the Sample SLICE Function in a Motif ES

Working with Sample Loops: Slicing and Dicing

The sample Slice function on the MOTIF ES works when you need to match the BPM of different audio loops. Slice is an edit JOB that prepares a sample to be tempo adjusted – independent of pitch change. It allows you to ‘time stretch’ loop phrases up to 8 measures in length. There are three main slicing algorithms in the MOTIF ES: Beat, Phrase and Quick. Mastering the use of these algorithms will greatly improve your musical results. Read through the different types and determine which algorithm best serves your needs then try different sensitivity settings within that algorithm. As you gain more experience slicing audio it will get easier to recognize which algorithm to use and what are the proper settings to get the best results. You will find it works on most all sampled data including vocals and sustaining instruments. Make a COPY of your original wave and experiment with the copies until you find the algorithm that will give you flawless results. If you are an impatient person this will be difficult because it does require that you be willing to experiment – through experimentation you will find ultimate enlightenment.

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