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Welcome to the support section.

G1D/B1D MIDI Guitar/Bass Pickup

Along with the G50 MIDI Converter you’ll need for your instrument, the G1D - MIDI Guitar Pickup, or the B1D - MIDI Bass Pickup (sold separately). Either pickup is easy to setup, with a number of different ways you can mount it to your instrument. Using the provided suction cups, double-sided tape, or for those of you who are really committed, you can the provided screws to permanently install it onto your guitar.
The G/B1D will let you use the tone-generators sounds, your guitar sound, or a mix of both, via a switch on the front on the pickup. There are also +/- selection buttons to scroll through different patches during live play, as well as a handy volume control.

Wielding the Power of Advanced Features

* String Split Mode: Imagine the ability in live performance to have an upright bass sound on your low strings (5 & 6), and have a piano sound on the other strings (1-4). You can do that with the G50’s intuitive “String Split Mode”.
* Real-time Control Picking Position Split: Wait, it absolutely gets deeper with “Real-time Control Picking Position Split”. You can set a split point based on the proximity to the G/B1D pickup. Play a different voice on each side of the split. A source of endless playing possibilities.
* Neural Net Technology: Created out the Neutral Net System technology, the converter can “learn” your style. So through advanced tracking you can essentially “teach the machine” how you play, for the best possible tracking response.