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Welcome to the support section.

Drum Kit Loop Tutorial

The zip file includes a PDF document, an .XOA file and nearly 7mb of .wav files. DIMM expansion is required.

About the provided data: Included with this article is an example of how a User Drum Kit was used to house various audio clips. The data was actually re-sampled from internal Pattern data. The key thing to recognize is that you can achieve absolute sonic parity between the original data and the resample – actually you can even improve it. The world of digital sampling opens up lots of possibilities. In terms of the polyphony saved you can start to see the benefit of this type of loop creation. You can resample the Pattern Section in full or in part and make unique combinations of data.

Please follow along with this tutorial to gain a full understanding of how this all works together. Make a backup ALL data file of your own data before loading the tutorial file! The provided data will overwrite your internal USER information. If you make a backup ALL data file of your data, you can easily return to it after you have completed this tutorial session.