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Welcome to the support section.

Creating a Wah-Wah Effect

In the MOTIF XS/XF the WAH-WAH Effect type has three different setups.
TOUCH WAH - responds to the touch, how hard you hit the keys will determine the WAH effect
AUTO WAH - responds to a programmable LFO to control the movement of the WAH effect
PEDAL WAH - respond to you when you move an FC7 pedal plugged into the Foot Controller 2 jack on the back panel

Obviously the PEDAL WAH is the most realistic (real world) adaptation of the Wah-wah effect because it works just like the real thing.

Please recall and study the following VOICES for how this Effect Type is setup and used:
PRE 1:078 (E14) Touch Clavi
PRE 1:079 (E15) Pedal Wah Clavi FC2
PRE 2:078(E14) Touch Wah AF1
PRE 2:079(E15) Baby AF1 (uses AUTO WAH)
PRE 3:001(A01) Oct FuzzPedal Wah FC2
PRE 3:002(A02) DualCoilLeadWah FC2
PRE 8:095(F15) Mega 60s T.Wah&Dist
PRE 8:106(G10) Mega 1coil VCM T.Wah
PRE 8:112(G16) Mega 1 coilSlpPedalWah
USER 1:008(A08) Clavi Touch Wah (Motif XF only)
USER 1:009(A09) Clavi PedalWah FC2&MW (Motif XF only)

Explore both the EFFECTS screens and the CONTROL SET screens (found in ([COMMON EDIT]) to see how the EFFECT works and how the controller is assigned. In the case of the TOUCH WAH it is the velocity sensitivity within the Effect that controls the amount of Wah-Wah

You can assign control to any physical controller that you desire, MW, Ribbon controller, Foot Controller, Breath Controller, whatever you wish. A Wah Wah is simply a Filter - the quick way is to simply assign Filter Cutoff to the controller you wish to use… I have found through experimentation you can make an effective (sorry for the pun) Wah-Wah using the following methods....

ALTERNATE METHOD: Using an FC7 assigned to control FILTER within the VOICE itself

Setting up a Foot Pedal (FC7) as a wah-wah via FILTER CONTROL - Plug it into Foot Controller 2 jack and you have to EDIT the Voice by setting up a Control Set as follows:

select the Voice while in Voice Mode
Press [EDIT]
Press [F4] CTL SET (Control Set)

ElementSwitch - activate it for each Element
Source FC(04) Foot Controller 2
Destination Cutoff (FILTER Frequency)
Depth +1 ~ +63 (set to any positive value to your taste, maximum is +63)

This will make the FC7 pedal plugged into the FootController2 jack control the cutoff frequency of the filter. Then you need to go to the individual Elements and program the degree of control you want from each.

Press Track [1] to select Element 1 EDIT parameters
Press [F3] FILTER
Press [SF1] TYPE
Select a LPF (of your choice) 24dB will be deepest
Set the Cutoff (frequency) = to a low number (to taste) a setting of “0” will give you the deepest wah effect when the pedal is heel down. Set to your taste.

Repeat for each Element. Touch the illuminated track buttons 1-8 to select possible Elments.

By setting the Cutoff Frequency to a low number you are “biasing” the control to the FC. The Filter’s cutoff frequency will be determined by the position of the wheel. When the pedal is heel-down the filter is closed and when the pedal is toe-down the fiter is open.

If you want to reverse the direction of this:
Set the Cutoff of each Element to 255 and set the Control Set Depth to a negative value -1 ~ -64 (set to any negative value to your taste, maximum is -64).

The direction of effectiveness is purely a matter of choice.

This is a completely silent wah-wah, if you miss the noise of the old Morley or Cry Baby, you can use the other Dual Insertion Effect to dirty it up. Or combine it with the Pedal Wah Insertion Effect for more defined filter cutoff - experiment!