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Welcome to the support section.

Basic Navigation on the Original Motif

* Motif’s buttons are ‘context sensitive.’ In other words, going into [EDIT] from Voice is different from going into [EDIT] from Performance.
* The TRACK SELECT and MUTE/SOLO buttons along the right hand side hold the key to accessing different sequence tracks and elements of a Voice. Take a little time to figure these out. Well worth it.
* ‘Store’ - this button is easily overlooked. But if you don’t actively ‘Store’ changes to your Mix, or Voice edits, they’ll disappear as soon as you change modes.
* Phrases: Everything you record in a Pattern - from a 2 beat drum fill to a 16 bar guitar solo - is called a (user) ‘Phrase.’ The PATCH Page is where you can see (and change!) all of the currently used ‘Phrases’ in a pattern at a stroke. Get this philosophy embedded in your brain and you’re half way there!
* Finally, if you ever push and prod yourself into a lather, to INITIALIZE Motif, power up while holding the [REC] and [REMOTE] buttons and then follow the screen prompts.