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Welcome to the support section.

Recording Drums to the MOXF Pattern Mode

You may opt to use PATTERN mode for drum track creation.…


This is a PDF tutorial based on MOX but relevant to MOXF written by Motifator forum poster Andy McDonough.…


Compatible MSPS products (Modular Synthesis Plug-in System) Motif, Motif-Rack, Motif ES, S90, S90…


Covered in this Tweak of the Week (PDF) article is how to setup a microphone - but it can be applied…


Any Effect that is labeled “TEMPO...” is MIDI clock controllable

Tempo Delay…

| | | |


Master Effects and Master EQ are the last two devices the signal goes through before returning to…

| | |


PLG150-AN Analog Physical Modeling Plug-in Board
The PLG150-AN is a single part plug-in module…

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