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Here is the brand new Diesel Jeans Spring/Summer 2013 Look Book for the guys and it features a lot of their new styles that will be out very soon!

Usually I find Look Books to be quite hard to visualize because they don’t often show the Diesel Jeans properly, but with the Diesel Look Book you can really see the collection very well. You can see all of the images in the gallery below. Please comment and let me know if you want any cut/wash information for a certain pair and I will help you out! Do you like the new collection guys?

Diesel online shop recently launched their latest campgain video for their Fit Your Attidude Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. It features 5 models walking the streets of New York while each wearing a different cut and wash. The models in order of appearance include Kasia Smutniak who was wearing the Highkee high rise cut, Poppy Delevingne wearing the Bootzee bootcut style, Coco Rocha wearing their Getlegg classic skinny fit, Tali Lennox wearing the brands Faithlegg straight cut and Theodora Richards who was wearing the Grupee super skinny fit.

What are your thoughts on the campaign video? I thought it was really interesting and much like a really short film actually which introduced characters, however I noticed there has been a lot of negative comments towards it because Diesel only chose very thin models to be a part of the campaign. It seems to have upset a few people. Diesel jeans shop said they chose the models based on their stories to fit the jeans, but would you prefer to see a variation of different sized models in their next campaign? I would, I think it would show how the jeans can fit every shape and size, as they do go up to a size 32. Leave your comments and let us know!

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