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Sacs Longchamp on 03/01/2013 at 12:25 AM

o you own a longchamp? Are you a baghag? No? Or are you in denial? lol. Anyway, baghag or not there’s a different happiness that a bag brings to a woman. I can attest to this one. Is it just me or there are a lot of girls like me who’s going head over heels over longchamp? In a mall bathroom alone you’ll be surprise that there are about 2-3 girls who carries a Longchamp. Don’t believe me? Try going to Rockwell Powerplant. lol again! Have you ever wonder if these are authentic or not? I did and I learned it the hard way. Before LePliage/Planètes took hype in Manila, I seriously wanted to get one. But heck on the price tag it carries, yeah for some its cheap but for me its a lot to pay for a bag! So my frugal self bought a fake longchamp in greenhills (yeah dumb). I paid about Php400 for it if I remember it right. I thought this would already satisfy my salivating self and not lust for longchamp anymore. But boy was I wrong! I did not stop salivating over the online photos of longchamp--this time real one. I kept on coming back at Rustan’s just to take a look of their stocks. Yeah I was sick with frustration. I want to have one. Since I still don’t want to pay a large amount of money, I settled with a navy cabas Longchamp prix le pliage (cabas is the one that does not have zipper). That was the end of it. My new and original le pliage made me happy. I thought I would not need another longchamp for next X number of years. But boy yeah I was wrong again! My good friend Lee went to HK last year and was generous enough to be my personal shopper. It was a hard choice between the Special Edition Great Wall of China Le Pliage and the Raisin Planètes. I choose to go for the Planètes since I already have a Le Pliage.

Now enough with my LC drama and to the main point. If you want to buy longchamp online here are some tips on authenticating them:

Longchamp is a French luxury brand. Jean Cassegrain founded the brand 60 years ago. Its previous line of work is manufacturing leather covering for pipes. The most popular Longchamp Soldes line now are the Le Pliage and the Planètes, both made of vinyl and leather. The difference is that Le Pliage is foldable while the Planètes is not. Though Planètes uses a more thicker material than the other one.

Thunder 4 Jordan on 02/25/2013 at 12:55 AM

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ercan on 02/18/2013 at 02:45 PM

Very useful information. I was very pleased. Thanks

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deleteddxx on 01/31/2013 at 01:27 AM

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granettrepat1975 on 01/20/2013 at 06:13 AM

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free reverse phone book on 12/15/2012 at 11:20 AM

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linying on 12/06/2012 at 06:54 AM

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qinghs60 on 09/03/2012 at 08:57 PM

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forum234 on 07/25/2012 at 06:53 PM

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Now, Mike Mussina will suffer from the troubles of happiness, because the arrival of the Croats will be more compressed living space of Kaka and Shaheen, Kaka or will leave, when Brazilians join cost Real Madrid 65 million euros, while Shaheen is not even 24 years old, two beloved disciples, dry bench or reluctantly part with Jose Mourinho to spend a lot of minds.Pass a medical examination after signing a contract with Barcelona, Alba debut Nou Camp yesterday at 17:00 local time. Wait for Barcelona on the 18th jersey new owner, more than ten thousand fanatical Barcelona fans. In the European Cup used to see the big parade of Alba, but also touched by the enthusiasm of the fans. After the unveiling, Alba Barcelona sports the competent SuBiSaLeiDa and the Vice-Chairman Bartomeu accompanied by, Cam Newton Jersey attended the news conference.Alba praised Messi: Messi can make the game different, each Ming Basa players will make the opponent feel very painful. Messi is best player in the world, and he has a great team behind the team can help players from each of The days have become better. “Alba also acknowledged that he was in front of the European Cup final itself to return to Barcelona: “The players who often Naba Sa told me jokingly, but I would have with the broker said, I want to concentrate on the game during the European Cup until the final, I know what you want to join Barcelona. “"Alba is a player in our long-term plan, he wants to return to Barcelona, this is a reason to complete the transfer main.” Bartomeu position. Alba in the European Cup final goal is decisive, dynamic speed, explosive power, and the technology is very good. His feet possession, and he is very competitive heart, we like it. Cam Newton Men’s Jersey “SuBiSaLeiDa recognition of Alba.Real Madrid’s budget is 450 million euros and 510 million euros, which is already the highest in club history record. Finally claim the league title last season, so the club will be placed higher expectations for next season. According to the latest news of the “confidential”, the new season of Real Madrid budget will continue to be an astronomical figure.The past 2011/12 season, Real Madrid’s income reached 512 million euros, net profit of 32 million euros. This means that the earning power of Real Madrid is still very healthy, and club operators. Based on this, the senior Real Madrid is very optimistic about the expected even by the economic crisis, Real Madrid in 2012/13 season, the revenue is expected to also be able to reach 497 million euros, in budget formulation, Real Madrid intend to and then a generous, if not accident, breaking last year’s record of 510 million euros should not be difficult.Not bad money Real Madrid will kick in this summer, a series of preseason games, “Marca revealed today. July 15, Mourinho will be sounded Assembly, many of the players did not participate in the European Cup will be back to Balde Ababa Sharansky, 26, rejoin Benzema, Ozil, He Indira, C Luo, Pepe, and Cohen, Bertrand, 28, with the Spanish team to win the European Cup, Ramos, Casillas, Arbeloa, Alonso and Albiol will rejoin The team assembled on the 30th after the United States.Preseason against time with rivals: July 24 and 27, Real Madrid will play two friendlies, Women’s Cam Newton Jersey one of the rivals Benfica, August 2, Real Madrid will fight in the U.S. with the Los Angeles Galaxy, August 5 against the Mexico, August 8 against Milan, August 11 against the Celtics. With the Scottish Premier League champions finished after the game, Real Madrid will be returned to Spain to prepare for the new season before the start of the Spanish Super Cup, first leg on August 22, the second leg on August 29. In addition, the annual Santiago Bernabeu Trophy will be held this summer, time to be determined, while opponents will Bogota millionaire.Spain Local time next Sunday, Iniesta will be with his girlfriend Anna - Ortiz into the marriage hall, this wedding will have more than 700 guests, while the daily sports newspaper “exclusive exposurethe wedding list.Iniesta Messi, Xavi, Carles Puyol, David Villa, four Ming Basa are now teammates invited to take can be seen, he usually go with these four players and the best of relations, whereas in the former Barcelona team-mate, only Max was invited. As for Real Madrid, no one offered his congratulations, the answer is YES to, but only Casillas when Casillas will bring his girlfriend Sarah attended.Coach regard, the current Barcelona coach Vilanova, and former coach Pep Guardiola is naturally offered his congratulations, in addition, Iniesta is completed first team debut during the Louis - Louis van Gaal to coach Barcelona, so the Netherlands The marshal also received an invitation, while the dream of two helmsman Rijkaard also the guest list. Iniesta since his debut, he had three former national team coach Camacho, Luis Aragones, Bosque arm of the effectiveness of three marshal will also receive his invitation.The biggest highlight was undoubtedly Iniesta in this list were invited to nearly any of the Barcelona president, he is in Vegas Pat times to complete the Barcelona debut, Vegas, Carolina Panthers Jersey Pat is sure to be the honored guest, but I really do not know if the Law Sale and Laporta meet after this scene, they will given rise to some small spark, after all, everyone knows that Russell Laporta deep grudges.

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Not, we Launch X431 Diagun reported that Mercedes-Benz, the message goes out of the Maybach brand, Maybach has been shut down, Mercedes-Benz is an important lose weight to compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Recently, with the Heavy duty diagnostic exposure of the spy photos of new Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman (Pullman), the media have speculated that the car is started from a brand new look and replace the position of the Maybach. Recently, we have access to the latest renderings of the new one car.Renderings Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman is a new design elements, especially the shape of the heavy duty vehicle in front headlights have been from the line of Mercedes-Benz S-class version of the model design, light cavity to the group of daytime running lights, cellular like the spoiler, front bold chrome grille join outlines for the new car is more plump and full autocom cdp pro of a sense of strength before the face shape.lwp

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