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Yamaha releases MOXF – the best deal in town just got better!

Introducing Yamaha MOXF series
Dateline October 2013: Yamaha piles on the pressure for the competition with the release of the MOXF, which is essentially a marriage of the streamline MOX and the sonic powerhouse, Motif XF.

The big news is MOXF’s Motif XF-style Flashboard option that lets you load and utilize samples or sample voice libraries in the creation of your own Voices and Performances.  One slot is offered, which can house either a 512 or 1024 MB board.

A tun-a pianos

The MOXF really goes to town on pianos. Not only can you now load any of the myriad third party commercial piano libraries available here on, you can also load in the S700 and CP1 piano samples that Yamaha makes freely available in the Inspiration In A Flash offerings.

And if that’s not enough, internally, the MOXF offers detailed digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos (a 9-ft CFIIIS and a 7-ft S6) that, as they point out, really only an acoustic piano manufacturer could achieve.


More of this. And that

While the MOXF might look suspiciously like a MOX, both the 61 and 88 key models are in fact .1kg heavier. We surmise this must be due to a number of technical / feature enhancements that include:

  • • Waverom: up to a whopping 741MB from the MOX’s 355MB

  • • Voices: 1152 Normal Voices and 72 Drum Kits – up from the MOX’s 1024 Normal Voices and derisory 64 Drum kits ☺

  • • 256 Performances: twice the number on a MOX

  • • 7981 Arpeggios: up from 6270 on a MOX

  • • 8 Part Insert Effects compared with 3 Parts on a MOX

The increase in Parts that can use Insert Effects is actually very important, especially when creating sounds for current electronic music that tends to be heavy on processing and effects. Even if you don’t program your own sounds, this increase in capacity is a godsend to third party programmers on whom you must then rely as without the requisite tools they simply can’t program all those distorted / distressed sounds we’ve all come to love.

Import duties

In addition to the Flashboard option similarity, MOXF is able to import the following from the Motif XF: Voices including Samples/Waveforms, Performances, User Arpeggios, Waveforms and Mix templates. While there are substantial differences between MOXF and Motif XF (user sampling, keyboard action, general weight and size etc.) it has to be said that the MOXF represents an outstanding bargain, offering a near perfect mix of the MOX’s affordability and the Motif XF’s sonic capability.