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XSpand Your World Content Updated with New Ethnic Sounds, Drumkits and Organs


Download the complete XSpand Your World Sample Bank (271 mb) - Free Download
This download includes all 3 of the XSpanded Sample Banks below in one All File. 

For more information on the Bank 1 please watch the XSpand Your World Part 1 video

For more information on Bank 2, please watch the XSpand Your World Part 2 video.

For more information on Bank 3, please watch the Xspand Your World Part 3 video.

The new complete XSpand Your World Sample Bank is an ALL file that contains 3 User Voice Banks (384 Voices), Sliced Grooves in Pattern Mode, 150 new Arpeggios and new Performances.

DIMM Memory Requirements
Because this ALL file features almost 400 MB of new sample waveforms, you will need to have 512 MB of DIMM RAM installed in your Motif XS to load the data.

Can I load the data without losing any factory Voices ?
If you have created any of your own User Voices, you should back up your data as either an All Voice or All file to a USB memory device before loading the Xspand Your World All file.
However if you haven’t created any User Voices yourself, all of the factory User Voices in the Motif XS are copies of Preset Voices.  This was done specifically so you would have a memory area to load new Voices libraries or create your own Voices without losing anything.

Please refer to the information and video links below for more information on each of the 3 Voice Banks. 

Remember to download the new Session and Gotchanoddin’ drumkits, DCP Sample Pack and the Digital Sound FactoryDemo Sounds. It’s all here and it’s all free !



Here is the newest part of the XSpand Your World promotion.  This has ethnic sounds from the DSF demo bank and new sounds from Yamaha.  It includes 128 Voices, 3 new drumkits and 17 new Performances.
There are also three Song files ( India, Africa and Middle East).  These have the key Voice stored as Mix Voices making it easier to load just the Voices you need for a particular style without duplicating waveforms.
There are Latin, Indian and World drum sounds including Tabla, Djembe, Darfil, Dholok and many others.

Here is a partial list of sounds.  Thumb Piano, Mbira, Waterphone, Oud, Pan Flute, Bottle, Venu, Domura, 2 different Sitars, Berimbau, Marimba, Vibes, Talking drim, Pot Drum, Balafon, Dulcimer

Click here to download.


Here is a new All file that includes a new Yamaha Oak Custom kit, a new Power kit and also Latin, World and Indian Percussion kits. 
We also included some HipHop and Uk Dance Drumkits from our friends at Gotcha Noddin’.com. 

Oak Custom in Red
We recommend using the Voice Load function (not ALL or ALL Voice) to load the drum kits on this file as you really only need the User DrumKits ( the User Voices are simply copies of the internal Factory data). 

Back up any User Drum Kits you have created, Select Voice as the File Type, Select User Drums as the Source and then Select all so you load all the User Drumkits together.

For more information on using the Voice Load function, click here.  Loading Voices.

To download the new Drumkits, click here.

We are working on more stuff so stay tuned and keep checking back often !

New Organ Samples Download


Here is a new file with 16 Organ Voices using brand new samples from Yamaha Japan and the Cool organ from the Players Bank from the Motif ES CDROM.  The best way to load these is to use the Mix Voice Tip -Using Mix Voices

Follow the instructions in the Mix Voice article on how to manage Mix Voices and Sample Libraries. The Song that contains the 16 Mix Voices is Song 1 - Organs 1.  The Voices can also be found in User Bank 1 - Voices 1-16, but using the Mix Voice trick avoids multiple sample loads when loading one Voice at a time.

Download the file here.

Original Motif Power Grand and Jazz Grand
Here are the Power Grand and Jazz Grand.  They are stored as Mix Voices on Parts 1 and 2 in Song One.  Check the guide on using Mix Voices for instructions on how to load the file and store a Mix Voice to a User Voice location.

Download the ZIP file here (thanks for the Zip conversions, Jote !)

Digital Sound Factory Symphonic XStrings Demo (83 mb) - Free Download

For more from Digital Sound Factory check out the for sale version of Digital Sound Factory World XSpedition (448mb) and the Digital Sound Factory Steinway Grand (370mb).  The 350 mb for sale version of the Symphonic XStrings is also now available.

Download XSpanded Sample Bank 3 (164 mb) - Free Download

Download XSpanded Sample Bank 2 (11 mb) - Free Download

Download the first Motif XS Sample Pack (100 mb) - Free Download

S90 ES Piano - The S90ES piano is one of Yamaha’s most popular sampled piano sounds. The samples feature an S700 $250,000 hand crafted piano, which provides a spacious, warm sound perfect for intimate jazz, classical and solo piano work. Because it was designed for S90ES internal ROM, it has been looped using Yamaha’s proprietary looping tools, reducing the size without minimizing its unique character.

Brass and Winds - Includes trumpets, flugelhorn, soprano, alto and tenor sax, sax sections, clarinets, oboes, harmonica, accordion and pan flutes. Many of these have multiple articulations and playing styles to take advantage of the workstation’s Expanded Articulation engine, creating incredibly realistic recreations of acoustic instruments. Different mutes, sax sections, stereo brass falls, and a variety of different vibratos are all part of this collection.

Vocals and Choirs - The Vocal and Choir samples in the XS sample pack feature Scat Vocals, Gospel, and multiple choir sounds, including humming. These can be combined with the internal vocal sounds to give a stunning variety of life-like vocal articulations. The Scat Live sound has multiple voices in different velocity layers ( Do, Bah, Duh, etc)

Strings - Two new ensemble strings were selected to add to the variety of ensembles available in the internal ROM.

XStras - This file also includes 150 arpeggios from the Keyfax Twiddly.Bits libraries including new guitar strumming patterns, conga patterns and drum patterns from a variety of styles. In the Pattern Mode are 16 sliced audio files taken from Sonic Reality’s Groove Packs. Finally there are 20 new Performances showing off some of the new sounds.