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“We See Dead People”

KEYFAX NewMedia offices and studio complex to become
Santa Cruz City Morgue!

In a move that could fit nicely into the cult classic film The Lost Boys, also shot in Santa Cruz, CA, KEYFAX NewMedia, music technology support specialists and video producers–creators of the best-selling Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series are re-locating to new premises on Jan 16th 2012 because the city of Santa Cruz has purchased their entire business complex in order to turn it into the city morgue!

“We were aware that the economy was moribund,” says CEO Julian Colbeck “But it was hard to anticipate something quite like this.”

“Out of the blue we got a visit from the county saying that they had purchased our business park via ‘Eminent Domain’ on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department,” Colbeck continues. It wasn’t until later that Keyfax discovered the specific fate of their building but in spite of stiff initial resistance there was ultimately nothing the company could about it.

In their current and ironically named Live Oak business park KEYFAX has a full recording studio, video studio, as well as shipping department, web and design facilities. The process of trying to find another space that could accommodate all our needs “was enough to put anyone in their graves” says Colbeck. “At times I just felt like just staying put and waiting to get stuffed in a drawer myself.“

But it all worked out in the end. KEYFAX’s new facility in the arts-based West Side of Santa Cruz, comprises 3000 sq ft of custom studio and office space. “It’s really to die for. We have newly-built audio and video facilities plus we even have showers–perfect for when clients get really hot and bothered.”

KEYFAX web and phone contacts–for Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording, leading support site as well as Keyfax’s music production store and global video production team will remain unchanged but their physical address from mid January will be: 509-A Swift St, CA, 95060, USA.

831-477-1205, 1-800-752-2780.