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Discover MOX With Phil Clendeninn

Announcing the release of a major new DVD / video delivered by the man himself, BadMister Phil Clendeninn, Discovering The Yamaha MOX.

Discovering The Yamaha MOX is not only a step-by-step instructional video covering the MOX’s myriad features from Voices, to Performances, to Effects and more, it is a journey through all the stages of modern music production.

The video starts by explaining the front panel; helping you to set up the MOX to suit your own playing style. ‘Voices’ on a MOX encompass normal pitched Voices, special Drum voices, and also Yamaha’s unique, arpeggio-driven ‘Mega’ voices. Phil goes through each in turn and explains when, why and how to use - and customize - each in turn.

The journey continues with Phil showing how to utilize pedals and the MOX’s assignable controls before looking at digital effects. Wisely, Phil spends time here explaining exactly what ‘effects’ are and how they relate to time and space-based effects in the real world. 

The MOX is a music production synthesizer and a large slice of the video is devoted to ‘music production;’ using the MOX’s sequencer to generate ideas, create loops and sections, chain these together into a linear song and then even bring in the computer with a lengthy section on USB computer integration and the instrument’s audio interface capability.

Throughout the two and a half hour video Phil’s delivery style is insightful, encouraging, and entertaining: having spent a lifetime in product support he instinctively knows what you need to know and how to explain all the features and processes so that you ‘get it.’

Discovering The Yamaha MOX video is available for download and will soon be available in regular DVD format at plus at all main Yamaha dealers.

Discovering The Yamaha MOX is written and presented by Phil Clendeninn and was produced for Yamaha by KEYFAX NewMedia, hosts of The video was filmed at the KEYFAX studios in Santa Cruz, California.