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Announcing MOX!

The world-beating Motif line continues in 2011—a full ten years after the original Motif ‘Classic’ was released—with the MOX, debuted at the MusikMesse in Frankfurt.

As its name implies, the MOX takes its lead from the ‘Motif-without-the-sampling ‘MO series. Modeled on the Motif XS (from which its 1217 voices and 355MB Wave ROM has been directly taken), the MOX goes on to offer a 4 in 2 out USB Audio/MIDI interface and comes bundled not only with Cubase AI5 but also download access to the YC3B Organ Emulator softsynth and Steinberg’s own analog synth, Prologue.

With 64 notes of polyphony driving its XS-style sounds and features, the MOX (available in 61 note or 88 note versions, the Graded Hammer Standard action, 88-note MOX8 still only weighing an impressive 14.8kg) the MOX has 6720 arpeggios and all the power of the XS in terms of 4-part arpeggio interactivity and direct Performance recording.

Where the MOX actually builds on the XS, though, is in how its audio interface it lets you add audio—vocals, guitar etc.—to a MOX backing via stereo A/D input that you can then simply record into the bundled Cubase AI.

The MOX’s computer-integration continues with extensive controller facilities plus (by using the MOX Editor) being able to turn your hardware MOX into a software VSTi plug-in.

Taken through its initial paces by the irrepressible Bert Smoreberg at Messe, the lightweight MOX is nonetheless a heavyweight performer when it comes stage or studio applications involving your laptop, VSTs, and DAW recording.

Videos from Messe will be posted shortly and a video/DVD looking at the computer integration possibilities in detail is already scheduled at Keyfax NewMedia for release shortly after the MOX’s anticipated arrival in May.