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Viewing topic "How to load a WAV-File as Backing-Track in Song Mode?"

Posted on: June 28, 2024 @ 03:33 AM
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Joined  10-12-2014
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Hello folks!

I want to load a WAV-File from my USB into my XF8 on a track in song-mode to use it as a backing track. When I try with the FILE-function it loads the wav-file but then my XF8 just creates an empty track in the song with no data.

I´m confused…

Manual and internet do not really help me.

Thanks for any help!

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Posted on: June 29, 2024 @ 08:13 AM
- Henry -
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Joined  10-30-2011
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Hi Mike,

While you can record audio on the Motif XF in Song mode, loading an existing .wav file to a track can’t be done directly; You would instead create a User Sample Voice, and trigger/play it from a MIDI track (recorded audio tracks are in fact handled internally as samples). Bad Mister wrote a walkthrough on the topic some years ago, which I think would provide you with the details you need in order to do this.

- H -

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Posted on: June 30, 2024 @ 08:10 AM
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Joined  10-12-2014
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Thanks for your reply! This was very helpful!

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