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Viewing topic "Yamaha Motif Es + Yamaha BC 3 Connect"

Posted on: February 28, 2024 @ 02:32 PM
Motif ES6
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Hello .I was brought a Yamaha BC 3 to try out.
I put it into Yamaha Motif ES, on Yamaha BC 3 I rotated both wheels to find the best value for comfortable playing. I could not immediately start the sound in Motif Es - I changed the value of the controller on the display in the menu.
Question: Why is it necessary to blow so much in BC3? I could not make super sensitivity, no matter how hard I tried.
1.Did not set up Motif Es correctly ?
2.Didn’t set BC3 correctly ?
3.Maybe the BC3 board is “tired” and does not catch the values well ?
4.Maybe the socket in the Motif Es has also deteriorated over time ?

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Posted on: February 29, 2024 @ 01:20 AM
- Henry -
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Joined  10-30-2011
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Lots of things can go wrong with any electronic device, but let’s make sure that your Motif ES and BC3 are set up properly (the procedure is described in detail in this document).

On the Motif ES, each normal voice you want to control with the BC3 must be edited. Therefore, check the following Voice parameters:

In the [EDIT] -> [COMMON] -> [F4]CTLSET -> [SF3]SET5/6 submenu:
· Source: BC(02)
· Dest: Volume
· Depth: try a value of near the max (=+63) setting

In the [EDIT] -> [COMMON] -> [F2]OUTPUT submenu:
· Volume: 0

(If you are using a PLG100-VL or PLG150-VL board voice, things are a little different.)

It is then time to adjust the BC3 itself:

Without blowing into the BC3, play a sustained note on the keyboard and carefully turn the Offset knob on the BC3 down to just the point where sound disappears completely.

When using a breath controller to mimic a wind instrument, you don’t want to set the Offset too high, since that will allow the keyboard to play notes on its own. You also don’t want to set the Offset too low, since a higher pressure will be required from the breath controller to make the volume start to rise.

When the Offset has been fine-tuned, you should be able to blow and play to produce sound without too much effort. Now adjust the Gain knob on the BC3 to set the proper range of controller output, so that you’ll be able to reach the highest volume levels.

Also note that the BC3 has a drain cap at the end of the pipe, that can be twisted to allow or restrict the airflow out of the tiny hole on the side of the pipe. It shouldn’t have much impact on the pressure sensitivity, but if all else have failed, try closing it.

- H -

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Posted on: February 29, 2024 @ 12:15 PM
Motif ES6
Total Posts:  91
Joined  08-31-2022
status: Experienced

Thank you so much, Henry! You are always my savior! Everything worked out, the manual explained everything very thoroughly.
Interesting effect of using BC 3, but I was expecting something a bit different.
I have an FC 7 expression pedal that can be controlled very similarly.

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