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Viewing topic "Motif XS8, FireWire and Cubase"

Posted on: September 26, 2023 @ 06:29 AM
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Joined  06-30-2023
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Hello, Motif Folks:
I’m hoping some of you may have experience with successfully connecting a Motif XS8 (or similar) to a computer through FireWire and being able to use audio and Midi with Cubase.
I finally have my Motif XS8 and Steinberg MR816x connected by FireWire to a new (to me) freshly rebuilt Windows 7 computer. I meticulously went through each step in the documentation for the FW driver and other stuff regarding my hardware / synth.  I loaded the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver.  I have Cubase 5 loaded and working properly.  I have signal through Midi and can see that in Cubase, but still no audio.  After reading an article on Motifator, I now realize the FireWire is only peer-to-peer and apparently not going to give me audio that I can hear on headphones, connected to my MR816x.  It makes sense, now because the FireWire on the back of the MR816x only allows the signals to go to the computer (I guess like Midi Thru).
So....I guess what I would like to know: should I connect two 1/4” audio cables from my XS8 L&R;out to my MR816x audio ins?  This still drives me crazy because I read that the FireWire Connection can transmit both Audio AND Midi from XS8 to my computer and Cubase.
I seem to remember someone saying something about S/PDIF but I’m not sure what to do with that on my computer.
I was hoping I could just plug in headphones to my MR816x but it’s not that simple.

I’m also wondering if I can even use the Audio outs on my XS8 while FireWire is being sent to my MR816x.  When I try to plug headphones into my XS8 but still have FireWire output enabled and the FW cable plugged in, I don’t hear sound from my headphones.  As soon as I unplug the FW cable, I can hear my headphones.  Makes me think it would do the same with Audio L&R;outs.

Thank you.
Don W.

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Posted on: October 13, 2023 @ 06:42 PM
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Joined  10-14-2008
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Hi Don
I read your post and while I do not use Cubase I have used FireWire for years with my XF7.  I wasn’t sure if you were not getting any audio out via FW to the computer or not Odd that headphones don’t work but I also was confused with the headphone issue.

I use FL studio as my DAW and never installed the extensions that were needed when using Cubase. I’ll just run down my connections and settings for the heck of it.
After physically connecting the FW cable to PC and motif, all that was left was making sure my output for each song/pattern track was set to FireWire.  I’m assuming you did this, but years ago I struggled. 
I’m not near my SF but it had to do with going into the common edit page in song mode.  I can picture it and if I need to be more specific (if yiu think this could be related) let me know.  In any event, one of the function buttons has Output, and that goes to a screen with a bunch of parameters. Same screen where A/D output can be mchanged as well for vocoder use.  On this page I go through all 16 channels and change from midi to FW1, FW2 and so on.  I’ll stop here just in case I’m way off track and this is useless.  I haven’t been on Motifator in a while and just happened to see this.  Hope you get it solved.

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