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Viewing topic "Editing waveforms ES7 - 8"

Posted on: August 27, 2023 @ 04:50 AM
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Joined  10-27-2018
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I have added WAV files to certain voices, I then use that voice file in the PERFORM mode… (for added percs, back up vox, FX...)

over time the W7A and W8A files have gotten large and take for ever to load…

I’m looking for a software that can edit these files ie: remove some unwanted WAV files from the W8A. to reduce the size, and load faster.

I’ve tried Motif Creator… but no success ( after loading the edited W7A file I get an error message that says : ILLEGAL FILE

example below:
230820 is my original file
230826 is after editing (removing some wav files)
230827 is not doing any editing to the file, simply saving it as another name..

both both result in : ILLEGAL FILE

any suggestions..???

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