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Viewing topic "Using Yamaha apps on the iPad 9th generation"

Posted on: April 13, 2023 @ 05:12 AM
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Joined  04-13-2023
status: Newcomer

I would like to use the :
Multi Editor Essential
Voice Editor Essential
Performance Editor Essential
provided by Yamaha in the Apple store on the iPad to communicate with the
rack xs pattern.

The “rack xs pattern” is connected to an iMac via usb I use the midi rtp through the osx utility “MIDI Network” to communicate with the iPad via wifi, on the latter I can see the virtual midi ports (network sessions) created in the iMac, but the apps can not communicate with the pattern.

In the manual of the apps mentioned above it says that you have to use an i-ux1 / i-MX1 hardware interface connected between the pattern and the 30 pin port of the older iPads, my Ipad is 9th generation with a “Lightning Connector” port.

My question is if it is absolutely necessary to use one of these hardware interfaces or is it possible to use these apps through the iMac via the midi rtp with the pattern connected in usb on the iMac?

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