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Viewing topic "Macbook - Motif and DAW"

Posted on: January 22, 2023 @ 01:54 PM
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Joined  01-21-2013
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Hi all,

I got a XS8 which i still love and consider a first-time Macbook purchase. Is Motif easy to work and easy to connect with MAC and related DAW versions?

I don’t have a problem working with some small adjustments like getting a 5-Pin Midi cable if needed. As long as good compatibility and editing workflow is ensured.

Im writing all music only based on the Motif without any extra VST or effects and it sounds perfect. I want a DAW purely for faster editing rather than direct on-device editing.

Do you think that 5 years down the line or even now I would be way less limited with a PC rather than a MAC? I am not a professional musician and this is purely a hobby project but a project I do take seriously.

I am also entirely new to connecting Motif to a DAW and have only used FL studio for separate (VST) compositions before, without the motif and only on PC.

Any thoughts and advice?


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