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Viewing topic "MOXF8 buzzing when connected to laptop via USB"

Posted on: January 01, 2023 @ 04:58 PM
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Joined  01-25-2011
status: Experienced

A few months ago I noticed that my MOXF8 was buzzing when connected to my laptop (direction). It’s not specifically a 60hz ground type hum - it modulates , clicks and whirs…

It appears to be related to when either an external drive or a USB-C hub is connected (multiple monitors, etc.).
I’ve tried different audio and USB cables.
All on the same electric circuit

I figure it’s not specifically a MOXF issue, but hoping that someone here has some experience in reducing/elimiating the issue.  Maybe a higher quality USB cable, or tying the grounds between the audio and USB together at some point. 

Anyone else experience something like this and found a solution?

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Posted on: January 05, 2023 @ 07:04 AM
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Joined  08-02-2014
status: Enthusiast

I’ve had the same issue with my MoXF and other gear.
Cutting both the shield and ground cable in the USB cables has sorted it for me.
Word of warning though, some pieces of gear may not work, especially if they take the power through the USB.

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