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Viewing topic "Akai MPC 61 and Roland Fantom"

Posted on: December 18, 2022 @ 04:51 AM
Total Posts:  457
Joined  07-10-2009
status: Enthusiast

While it is great that the new Motifs have FM engines, when will Yamaha introduce full blown sequencing and sampling onboard to compete? Or analog modeling for that matter like on the AN1X? Most people that I know these days prefer having everything in one piece so they don’t have to haul a computer around.

The new Akai and Roland workstations have full blown sequencing and sampling (Akai even had daw style plug ins). This is very attractive on many fronts, particularly since computer OS makers keep updating their OSes annoyingly frequently, making hardware integration incompatible in a few years.

I know we, the users, have been asking for these for years, but nothing came off it.

The only slight gripe I have about Roland fantom is they don’t have a video out to display the screen on a larger monitor but there are workarounds such as using a projector.

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