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Viewing topic "MOTIF XF7 (WH) saving patterns with wave samples to flash board?!"

Posted on: October 28, 2022 @ 03:47 AM
tex viler
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Hi Bad Mister and everybody.

I have a question.

Recently i purchased Motif XF7 and before i had XS7 (and ES6 earlier)

Im using pattern mode for my band. I sent click track to my drummer trough assignable output and i have patterns for all of our songs and most of the songs contain some waveforms (brass parts, loops, percusions, backing vocals ect. ). In my Motif XS7 i had 2gb of ram installed and it was enough for all wave samples and i would save all of the patterns to an all pattern file on usb stick and load the songs of it as i would need them. So now that i have bought XF7 WH (i have one flash card 1gb, and soon i will take one more) i want to know how can i save all those patterns to motif (flash card) so when i turn the keyboard of and on again they dont dissapear.
That (and the new sounds) was the main reason for buying the XF7.
Is this possible?
As i understand i cant do it the old way (XS7 way) cause there is no more internal ram in XF like in XS.
XF only have 128 for loading samples. On the XS i had 2gb. But when i turn it off all samples are gone ofcourse, but i would save all patterns on usb and it would solve my problem.

I juat want to know how can i make this work and upgrade my setup.
I hope this all make sense to you and that i wrote all of this correct enough ??

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