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Viewing topic "Motif, MOX, Ipad and the MOTU 4x6 Express"

Posted on: September 01, 2022 @ 01:45 PM
Total Posts:  364
Joined  12-17-2013
status: Enthusiast

For all the Motif and MOX owners out there that are trying to connect Ipad to Motif or Mox, I just had a lot of success with
The Motu 4x6 Midi Express

I was able to connect the Ipad to the Motu and Motif and Mox to the Motu, and then access the Yamaha Performance Editor, Voice Editor and Multi editor for my Motif and Mox from either instrument.  Also when connected to the Motu I can control Soft Synths on the IPpad from my Motif and Mox simultaneously or individually.

Motu Midi Express

I had a USB to Midi adapter to connect the IPad to the Motu.  I plugged the Usb to Midi adapter into my camera adapter on the Ipad and then connected the other end to the Motu

The clockworks software that comes with the Motu let me set up any kind of midi routing that I wanted between my Motif XF, Mox and Ipad

Works like a charm!

IPad is perhaps the easiest way for the Motif and Mox to interact and combine with Soft Synths and other virtual instruments

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