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Viewing topic "YSFW driver: crackles on Mojave"

Posted on: March 20, 2022 @ 01:05 PM
Total Posts:  30
Joined  06-05-2010
status: Regular

Hi everyone!
Simce I updated to Mojave (macOs 10.14.6) I hear many crackles to the audio, for example when I see a video (on youtube, facebook, from my hard disk, etc..) or when I listen to music (streaming music, but also songs from my drives...).

It happens only when my YSFW driver (I have a Motif XF 8) is working, for example if Native Instruments Kontak or Cubase Pro 11 or EzDrummer (or other software usong the driver) is open.

These software doesn’t seem affected by the problem (no crackles inside them when I use them), but if one (or more) of them are open (also in background) and I try to listen to some music o to see a video, as I said before, crackles start.
Crackles stop when I stop the music or the video.

In Cubase there’s an option about “releasing Asio driver”: changing this option doesn’t change the problem. Other software doesn’t have this option, anyway.

The problem occurs since I upgraded to Mojave (and I can’t go back to High Sierra). I did a clean install of the OS.
I have already tried to reinstall the driver, but the situation has not changed.

Can anyone please help me?

Thank you in advance!

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