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Viewing topic "Intermitent distorted sound"

Posted on: February 22, 2022 @ 02:08 PM
Total Posts:  3
Joined  01-22-2022
status: Newcomer

hi, i had to replace my DM board and I’m experiencing intermittent distorted sound specifically on piano patches in the mid range at FF (D4,F#, etc), for now just noticed through headphones only, also when sliding the master volume it makes some noise (if sliding couple of times the noise disappear or reduce in intensity, so I guess it could be dust) . i don’t know if this could be related, but the distortion is noticeable at least for now with piano sounds and not all the time. I don’t know if something to do with the brand new DM board or is something else.

BTW i try Factory Restore, the board came with V.1.5 preinstalled.

What do you think?

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