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Viewing topic "Motif ES8 Midi Problem with ZoneSwitch"

Posted on: February 17, 2022 @ 05:40 PM
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Joined  02-17-2022
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Hi lovely people,

Just got a Motif ES8 and want to use it mostly as a MIDI/Masterkeyboard for my DAW (Tracktion Waveform 11 Pro).
Got everything working so far concerning the keyboard itself and the MIDI connection via USB. Of course i wanna use the Sliders and Knobs as well, to control several parameters in the plugins i use. I managed to get this working in Master-Mode and with ZoneSwitch turned on, plus Knobs/Sliders in Edit->Common turned to zone. It reacts quite slow, meaning i have to turn the sliders/knobs several times until it detects the MIDI-CC value when using MIDI-Learn. But it works…

However theres a nasty problem when recording with the keys in my DAW. On the beginning of every MIDI note in the recorded clip, there is another infinitely small MIDI note. So there are two notes at the same time. One small and the normal played note. This makes it unusable for Legato string patches for example. Even with piano plugins i notice a louder attack, even though the first note has such a small size. I’m assuming this could be the zoneswitch signal, that somehow is represented as a MIDI note, because if i turn ZoneSwitch off, it doesn’t appear. Everythings fine then. No additional notes on the beginning, BUT i can’t use the sliders/knobs to control plugin parameters in my DAW…

I couldn’t find anything regarding this problem on Google. I tried some different settings in the MasterMode>Memory>Edit with different MIDI channels for the zones, or turning PC(MIDI) off for every zone, or using it in MasterMode Perform instead of Voice, etc… Nothing has worked yet.

Has anyone an idea to fix this? Either to get rid of the MIDI impulse notes or being able to use the sliders/knobs for external plugin control.
Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to help!

Best regards,

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