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Posted on: December 21, 2021 @ 01:49 AM
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Joined  10-14-2008
status: Guru

Hey everyone. 
Many posts, comments, remorse, sadness , and on and on, over the departure of 5PINDIn (5PD for short).
I’ve posted probably too many queries that I could have solved by reading the reference manual, or doing an advanced search on this site, or to google it.  However, I knew that if I posted a question, Badmister, 5pin, and too many names to reference that would comment, provide help, chide (in a kind way) and generally make me feel like a member of a forum of music lovers, especially with Yamaha products.

So Phil left (sorta) and we were fortunate to have a professional musician AND technical expert for so many years.  5pin was always in the background, subtle, humble……ok.  Enough of that.  But without recalling the many many usernames I can’t recall, this forum is just that.  Users helping users.  While I’d love to have several “friends” return, I understand the energy and time they invested yielded little return other than selfless giving. 
Having belched all this spiel (I’m a retired shrink, and XF lover), there’s no reason for this site to dissolve as long as there are users willing to pu in the time to learn, use, and share.
I also own FL studio (my first ever DAW).  There are thousands of YouTube videos on every possible facet of music production with the DAW.  I never saw that this the Motif series, in part because of its age preceding YouTube.  Owever, it’s never too late for any techies into Yamaha products. 
The only Yamaha I have now is an XF7 with 2gb flash and FireWire.  I’ve only gigged out twice in the years I’ve owned.  I still use the reference, data, and owners manual periodically.  I visit Motifator less for many reasons, but mostly because I’ve learned what I need from this forum (YOU!) and reading. 
Pay it forward.  Read, learm and share.  I’m no guru and most of my posts have been questions or shooting the s__T with some old timers.  However , if I can help, I’ll jump on it. 
We all share one common denominator; our love for our Yamaha boards.  This forum has maintained great standards and values.  No question is dumb.  Respect for each other.  Hell, this ain’t competition, but a community. 
Now I’m done (for now).  Been a while and wanted to say something.  Hope y’all have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.  Love you all my brothers (and sisters).

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Posted on: December 21, 2021 @ 05:16 PM
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Joined  08-02-2014
status: Enthusiast

A merry Christmas to you too!

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Posted on: January 01, 2022 @ 01:27 PM
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Joined  01-16-2012
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Richie, you didn’t sell your XF7?  That’s good news!  I always liked your questions and answers on this site, because a lot of them are the ones I would have asked, also.  Good to see you are still here and to you a Happy Yamaha New Year!

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