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Viewing topic "Mox6 Audio Crackling Part 2"

Posted on: December 16, 2021 @ 05:10 AM
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Joined  10-09-2011
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Morning all,

I read with interest the previous post regarding the remote fix of a Mox6 with the same audio crackling as myself!

Sadly, after following the instructions, my capacitor readings were as expected so I didn’t feel the joy of fixing it! It was also my first time using the equipment, electronics isn’t my fortè!

The authorised Yamaha repairer told me there’s a strong chance it’s the PCB and it’s £500 for a new one including the £60 investigation fee.

Does anyone know of a reputable source in the North West of England who could follow the instructions from the previous thread for a reasonable fee? At the moment I’ve got a very expensive midi controller.

Thanks everyone and merry Christmas!


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