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Viewing topic "Editing and Saving Voices"

Posted on: August 18, 2021 @ 03:01 PM
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Joined  08-17-2021
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This is a very simple question. I’m sure its been answered before, but for some reason I can’t find the answer online. I’m setting up a Yamaha Motif XF6 for a live rig and I’m trying to figure out how much flash memory I’ll need and if what I plan to do is achievable without re-loading before every performance.

I plan to use the Motif XF6 with custom sounds in two different scenarios:

1. Sounds made up of be made up of samples of every note of various analog synths. I want to sample analog synths, one note at a time, to avoid the pitch stretching sound, and then lay them out across the keyboard.

2. Sounds made from editing the preset waveforms and saved as new sounds.

For scenario 1 my question is:

When I am using voices made up of samples I’ve imported into the Motif XF, if there are multiple voices that use the same sample, but each voice has different parameters applied to it within the motif, when saving those voices, do I need to save them “with samples” or can I save them “without samples” ?

An example would be:

- I import 61 .WAV files of a Juno-106 (1 .WAV file for each note of the keyboard)

- I assign each .WAV file to its respective key on the Motif XF

- I apply filter, amplitude, modulation, effects, etc. to the voice…

- I save this voice in USER1 Bank A1 and save “with samples”


- I adjust the filter, amplitude, modulation, effects etc...of this voice.

- I save this new voice in USER1 Bank A2.

- Do I need to save “with samples” or can I save “without samples”?

For scenario 2 my question is:

When I a create a voice made up of a waveform from the existing Preset waveforms, and I save that voice to a USER bank, do I need to save onto the Flash Memory so that it will still be there after I turn off the synth?

If so, when saving the custom voice (made up of preset waveforms) to the flash memory, do I need to save “with samples” or can I save “without samples”?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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