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Viewing topic "Can’t record midi in Mixing mode"

Posted on: August 07, 2021 @ 03:44 PM
Total Posts:  67
Joined  07-22-2003
status: Experienced


I’m using a MOTIF XS7 with Sonar X3 Studio. My MIDI mode is USB and a MIDI track plays just fine in Pattern mode but refuses to record. Strangely, it *does* allow me to record midi in Performance mode. Normally I can simply select a track in Sonar, arm it, select pattern->mixing on the synth, and press R. I must have inadvertently changed some setting on either the DAW or the synth. MIDI Synch is set to MIDI currently on the synth but I’ve tried internal as well. One other observation of note is that the track meter is active when I record in PERF mode but inactive (no bars) when I record in Pattern mode. Any direction or clue is appreciated.


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