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Viewing topic "How can I live-control the Pan of my parts?"

Posted on: June 11, 2021 @ 08:45 AM
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Joined  07-09-2020
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Hello everybody,

I have a simple task but no solution:

I want to programm a regular piano that gets an additional strings sound coming in the more I turn up the modwheel. Therefore I assigned the volume (and a bit of cutoff) to the modwheel for the strings and set the initial volume of the strings to 0. So far so good. But in addition I want the piano to gradually pan to the right and the strings to gradually pan to the left the more I turn the modwheel, so that it sounds less muddy when fully turned up.
So my idea was to assign the E-pan parameter to the modwheel and make the piano have positive depth and the strings have negative depth.

Here comes the first problem: The piano VOICE consists of stereo waveforms, not mono (having “St” at the end of their waveform-name). I can’t manage to fully pan a stereo waveform to one side in the ELEMENT-EDIT mode. Is it true, that this is impossible due to the nature of stereo waveforms?

So now I thought, maybe I can fully pan the whole VOICE instead of all 8 ELEMENTs seperately. Well yes, I can (MIXING->EDIT->Output->Pan). But here comes the second problem: I can’t assign this parameter to the modwheel. There is no where to choose “Common Pan” or “Pan” or similar, only “E-Pan”. I am wondering why such a simple command is not included! Does anyone have an answer or solution?

So far my only solution would be to change all the ELEMENTs of the piano VOICE to Mono. However then the piano wouldn’t sound as good when being played with the “strings off”.

Side note: I want to use this in a live situation.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Best regards

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Posted on: June 12, 2021 @ 11:12 AM
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I believe there is a mono/poly parameter that can be assigned in the CTRLSET to one of your controllers, that way you can turn the mono/poly off for the piano....???

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