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Viewing topic "Analog synthsfrom 80s and ES as acoustic addition"

Posted on: February 09, 2021 @ 04:31 PM
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Joined  02-09-2021
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Hi, I’m Philip. I’ve encountered the Motifator when looking for synth. Now I have cheap Roland Juno D digital rompler and I’m not satisfied with the sounds. I’m making Deep House music rather in underground style and I need realistic sounding barking Rhodes, acoustic upright piano, maybe double bass. I’m wondering if ES would fit my needs. I’ve watched tons of videos yet all of them are rather centered on cheesy side of sounds. Does ES sound dated or it can sound modern in 2021? Does operator/player have possibility to do drastic changes into the sound?

In short I’m wondering if it’s good idea to have ES alongside Roland JX-3P and some other analog gear from 80 and if it will work together sonically especially using Rhodes and acoustic instruments.

I want to add that I’m interested only in ES series. I would want to have synth for next years to play along with my other gear, and I don’e make frequent changes in gear if something feels right. I feel that it can be great adventure here with ES, just I need someone that confirms that my choice is in right way.

Ahh I talk too much I know 😛

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