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Viewing topic "In Cubase 11, view the port number of my external MIDI controller?"

Posted on: December 13, 2020 @ 05:37 PM
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I got a hold of an Alesis V25 MIDI controller.  Cubase 11 is able to see it as an input device.  And, using Cubase, I’m able to control my S70XS (output) with the V25 (input).

But, I’d also like to try to control the S70XS directly, using the V25 (I own only the two keyboards and I’d prefer not to have to drag my laptop to every gig).

I have read through the V25 docs and tinkered with the V25 setup, and have had no luck in triggering the S70XS.  At this point, I suspect that there is a MIDI port conflict (e.g. the V25 not communicating on Port 1).  Unfortunately, within the Alesis configuration software, there is no option to see or alter the V25 MIDI port number.

When I go into the Cubase MIDI Port Setup, I am able to see the Port System Name (V25).  The other pertinent values are:  Visible = selected, State = ‘Active’ and In ‘All MIDI is also selected.

Is there a way, in Cubase, that I can view the MIDI port number on which the V25 is communicating (or any MIDI input/output device for that matter)?


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Posted on: December 13, 2020 @ 10:29 PM
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It appears that the Alesis V25 is a USB-only MIDI controller. It can’t be directly connected to the S70XS - there has to be a computer or other device to act as “host” between the two.

Google “USB-MIDI Host” for further information.

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Posted on: December 14, 2020 @ 02:39 AM
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As always, great information 5pinDIN.

For others, I found this nice YouTube video that discusses the difference.

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