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Viewing topic "Did I make a mistake buying this Peavey Studio Mix for my Yamaha Motif Rack XS? Help??"

Posted on: September 05, 2020 @ 08:04 PM
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Joined  09-05-2020
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Idk if I should return this or not.. after pressing buy now on Reverb I found this article from 2005.. that says, “Hi. Recently my mate got himself this peavey studiomix control surface for 80€. It was designed to work specifically with Cakewalk 8 back in 1999 and it is in a metal case with motorized (!) faders. These units are now floating about the internet dirt cheap because this unit sends NRPN instead of CC, but with an app called studiomixmap you can convert the NRPN to CC and assign each fader, knob and toggle switch to a CC, which you can then send to ableton live, and back from ableton live to the unit to get motorized faders working!”

Full article:

I don’t even know if their talking about my same model or not.. all I know is it’s from the same year as what I just bought..

The item I just bought:

I want to connect my Motif Rack XS to this Peavey Studio Mix and assign the faders to be used for controlling the different layers of volumes of each instrument then connect it to my keyboard. I DO NOT want to involve a computer… at all. Is it possible to avoid a computer with this fader box? It has Mid in and Out on the back.

I did research on Google and Youtube.. but there doesn’t seem to be TOO much info online about this Peavey fader box.. I did see some guy using it with a DAW on his PC and another guy using it with a video game on Youtube.. so I figured it MUST work with my Motif Rack XS.. but then I found that article after pressing buy now..

I’m pretty new to fader midi boxes.. so Idk if I made a mistake buying this.. it was so cheap and brand new, and it had midi and faders, so I just assumed it would work perfectly..

It also says no returns.. not sure how to cancel an order on Reverb.. BUT I don’t want to cancel it if I can get it to work with the Yamaha Motif Rack XS without a computer..

Here is the manual:

I think it explains it on page 13 about connecting it to a keyboard via MIDI.. but not sure if I NEED a computer??

Thanks in advance everyone! (be nice in the comments, I’m still learning.)

*SOLVED: DO NOT buy this Peavey fader box. It doesn’t understand CC information UNLESS you buy and instal an external third party made chip that is REALLY old. Not worth the hassle. I got a full refund before the seller was able to ship anything.*

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